The Ultimate Daily Guided Meditation

The 15 minutes once a day that can change EVERYTHING! 

Includes: gratitude practice, forgiveness practice, compassion practice and a positive future self imagination visualization.

*Watch videos below to learn how this meditation can upgrade your life on every level.

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What People Are Saying About the Ultimate Daily Meditation...

"How is this meditation working “so fast” In terms of the clarity and how I’m catching thought patterns and changing in just 7 days doing it!?"

"Profound. Gets me aligned with the present and focused on my purpose and mission. Also sleeping much better at night."

"I look forward every day to doing it. The mantras have been something I really treasure. And the line: "Focus on what you prefer", has helped me everyday with my rumminating thoughts."

The Super State of Coherence Explained

Why heart-brain coherence is essential to better health & well-being AND why it is the most powerful dynamic to cultivate for your optimal human experience on every level.

Resilience, The Amazing Life Benefit of Daily Coherence

This short video explains why "resilience" is the greatest asset of your life, how coherence builds it and how it is the best way to develop the energy you need to do what’s really important in your life. 

Gratitude: Brings Greater Health & Abundance on Every Level

Listen to what great, inspiring and successful teachers have to share about gratitude.

*The Ultimate Daily Guided Meditation includes a daily gratitude practice.

Forgiveness: Medicine for True Freedom & Moving Forward

Oprah speaks to her largest life class on the topic of forgiveness.

*The Ultimate Daily Meditation includes a daily forgiveness practice.

Compassion: The Greatest Super Power

This video explains how the power of compassion can influence, lead and create better outcomes in everyday life. 

Using three remarkable and true stories, Negotiator and Trainer Tim Dawes shows how re-imagining compassion as a practical set of skills enables us to shift our relationships with adversaries, collaborate and quickly invent new options we might never have considered before.

*The Ultimate Daily Guided Meditation includes a daily compassion practice.

The Power of Your Imagination & Visualization

You CAN have everything you desire because you are the creative energy of the universe.

This video explains the power of your imagination and that it creates ALL of the experiences in your life.

The Ultimate Daily Guided Meditation includes a daily imagination visualization practice.