India 2019

Experience the Journey of a Lifetime! Feb 26th - March 8th

Imagine landing in India and being greeted by your personal driver at the airport that will drive you right to your first hotel to join the group.

Imagine having ALL your transportation, accommodations & most meals pre-booked and waiting for you for the rest of your journey. 

Imagine yourself meditating & praying in one of the most stunning & sacred temples on Earth, The Golden Temple in Amritsar, where millions of devotees & spiritual pilgrims go to touch the divine of their soul.

Imagine the joy & inspiration that you crave filing your heart as you let go of the baggage of your past and welcome your highest destiny with the ancient, mighty & mystical Ganges River flowing at your feet everyday.

Imagine the insight & clarity you will access on your spiritual path from sitting directly with and learning with a gathering of world class inspirational & influential spiritual leaders and yoga teachers during one of the most authentic yoga festivals in the world.  

Imagine returning from the journey of a lifetime not only with amazing memories & photos but also a CLEAR & DELIBERATE life plan of where your true power and life is going from now on.

$2,199 per person (airfare NOT included)

This 11 day Yoga & Meditation Retreat to Amritsar & Rishikesh, India could be one of the most transformative experiences of your life! 

Advance your skillset and value as a yoga/meditation teacher or healer.

Excel to new levels of spiritual evolution and intentionally chart the highest destiny of the rest of your life.

When you sign up Sadhu will contact you personally to help you register.

Everything in the trip, once you hit the ground in India, is taken care of.

All you have to do is come!

Adventure, Experience & Transformation You'll Never Forget

Group Support on Your Journey


You'll be joining and supported by adventurous & intentional people just like you! Enjoy morning & evening group yoga & meditation practices & sharing circles.

Travel & Accommodations Done!


Traveling to and thru India can be overwhelming and even dangerous if you try to do it alone. We've got ALL your ground travel & accommodations pre-organized and dialed-in for you!

Most Meals Included


Don't worry about budgeting more cash for more expenses because MOST of your meals are included in the total price! AND the group meals we'll share are awesome & fun and super yummy. 

Experience The Magic of The Golden Temple


The Golden Temple is a stunning & spiritually moving sight & experience to behold! Our hotel is within walking distance of this amazing spiritual vortex and our time in Amritsar will be mostly spent basking in the magic of one of the world's most revered holy sites. 

Be a Part of The World's Greatest International Yoga Festival


​Awaken to the best version of yourself in this 7-day immersion and celebration of every major style of yoga with enlightened Spiritual Leaders, Master Yoga Teachers, Evolutionary Thought Leaders, and Wellness Specialists from around the world at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, the largest ashram in Rishikesh, India.

Your Retreat Leaders & Guides, Sadhu Singh & Bianca Abbott


Sadhu & Bianca share over 40 years of yoga & meditation experience and together they will lead the group in daily yoga, meditation immersions, workshops & group sharing circles.

The group will also journey together thru deep self discovery inner work along the way.

Personal Spiritual Guidance & Life Coaching with Sadhu


Sadhu Sharing a Sweet Hug with Mooji, Spiritual Teacher

To help you stay grounded and integrate all the amazing sights & sounds of ancient India that you'll share with the group AND to integrate your personal inner transformations, you'll have direct one on one spiritual counseling & guidance sessions with Sadhu, Transformational Life Coach. 

Be prepared to transform, expand and walk a new life from now on!

Act Now! Your dreams of going to India are coming true.

Here's What People Had to Say About Their Journey...

This journey will last a lifetime in my heart & mind...

and I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity of growth achieved by having been a part of this group.

Shantdeep Kaur

This trip was the best thing I have ever done.

I was dealing with a lot of things in my life, so this trip and your guidance & patience helped me understand & overcome everything.


You have made my dream of coming to India a reality.

The trip exceeded my expectations and has made me open my heart and grow in so many ways. I feel so blessed!


I'm so o grateful I was a part of this trip!

Spending time at the Golden Temple with you was a dream come true for me. Thank you so much!


I don't know how, but I am here with you...

and our beautiful group. Thank you for the lessons, thank you for all your love and thank you for the patience.


Thank you for all the blessings you shared with us!

Your guidance, presence & devotion has helped us so much in the journey called life.

Jai Inder


Video compilation from a previous journey. Enjoy. 

Upgrade & Extend Your Transformational Journey!

Everything in the India journey IS INCLUDED in the extended Nepal - Bhutan - India 2019 package. You'll add a few days on your journey in Nepal & Bhutan before heading to Amritsar & Rishikesh.


Nepal - Bhutan - India 2019

16 Days for the Transformation of a Lifetime!

Explore your mind & heart to advance to new levels of awareness & being in some of the most pristine nature, sacred mountains & temples on Earth.

Learn how to transform fear & negative emotions into deep & lasting empowerment of yourself & others.

Overcome blocks & distractions on your path of conscious & spiritual evolution.

Learn higher levels of self care for yourself and learn how to have greater, positive impact on others.

Uncover your deepest personal truths & purpose and consciously chart the rest of your life with transformational journaling.

Attend the most premiere yoga festival in the world at Parmarth Niketan Ashram along the banks of the Ganges river in the ancient city of Rishikesh, India.   

*Includes daily yoga, meditation immersions, workshops & group sharing circles led by Sadhu & Bianca.

$3675 per person (airfare NOT included)

The Retreat Date Outline:

Arrive Katmandu, Nepal February 21, 22, 23
Katmandu to Paro, Bhutan February 24, 25
Bhutan to Amritsar, India February 26, 27
Amritsar to Rishikesh, India February 28 & March 1-7 March 8th Depart Rishikesh to Delhi Airport- Depart Home

Highlights of Nepal-Bhutan-India 2019

EVERYTHING In The India Journey PLUS 5 Days In Nepal & Bhutan


The locations you’ll experience, which have been intentionally curated to parallel your inner exploration & group practices, have been profoundly impactful & meaningful on spiritual aspirants for centuries or even millennia. 

The Spiritual Kingdom of Bhutan- Considered The Last Mythical “Shrangi La”


Bhutan is one of the most unspoiled natural environments and cultures on Earth.

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest): We'll be hiking to this monastery perched on a rocky ledge with a sheer drop of nearly 800m overlooking the Paro Valley and the river. It is said that in the second half of the 8th century, Guru Padma Sambhava known as the second Buddha in Bhutan, meditated at the spot where the monastery is situated having alighted there on the back of a flying tigress.

Accelerate Your Conscious Evolution: Experience The Best of Spirituality & Science


Compassion has been at the heart of all the world's major religions and mystical paths from time immemorial. We're going to explore this directly in the highly spiritually advanced locations we'll be visitng physically AND exploring this as a practical & deep experience within ourselves along the way.

Research has shown that generating sustained positive emotions facilitates a body-wide shift to a specific, scientifically measurable state. This state is termed psychophysiological coherence, because it is characterized by increased order and harmony in both our psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (bodily) processes. 

Psychophysiological coherence is state of optimal function. Research shows that when we activate this state, our physiological systems function more efficiently, we experience greater emotional stability, and we also have increased mental clarity and improved cognitive function. Simply stated, our body and brain work better, we feel better, and we perform better.

Learn and Take Home Simple Yet Profound Practices That Will Improve Your Life Now & Forever


Our main intention for this journey is to assist you in deeply exploring your heart & awareness for the greatest conscious insight & transformation of your life and to guide you in how to practically & seamlessly integrate your shifts into your daily life once you return.

Bianca will lead Kundalini & Vinyasa practices, meditations and immersive workshops on true self empowerment and living purposefully & prosperously.

Sadhu will lead insight & compassion meditation immersions and workshops on heart-centered science & spiritual  teachings to profoundly revolutionize your daily life, accelerate your emotional intelligence and increase your powers of manifestation.

We look forward to sharing this journey of a lifetime with you! 

Let's go!


Get a quick overview of awesome Nepal.


Visual Bhutan. Quiet. Amazing!

Feel that beating in your heart? It's telling you IT'S TIME!