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My Journey of Focus

"In learning to serve others we find the greatest focus & strength within ourselves." Sadhu

Hello, Sadhu here...

I'm so happy that something I'm sharing could be of benefit to you in your life. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity and I take every single connection very seriously. I truly want you to have the best life you can and I mean that!

With over 20 years of public teaching and private coaching experience I guide everyday people from all over the world from entertainment celebrities, high level wealth management executives, professionals, artists, athletes, students to busy parents.

I help people master the greatest secret of focus known to the human experience so they can use it to transform self-defeating behaviors & negative habits and create a life of true fulfillment & success on every level.

Believe me, I'm so grateful & inspired with my life because I'll never forget what it felt like to be unfocused, troubled and more full of harm to myself & others as a few people added together. I knew a misery & self sabotage that could have killed me and other people close to me many times over. Honestly, I consider myself lucky to be alive.

For much of my life I masked and self medicated so much frustration & inner pain because of my chronic fear of failure that I carried even with great people around me. I was crippled with low self esteem behind fake smiles of living out of focus, without power and without clear direction. I never trusted that I deserved and could have what I truly wanted so accepting limitation & self-sabotage was my default. But I dug deep and committed to finding my focus and I did!

Now I know after 20 years of DEEP learning and great mentorship in personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, human potential and the greatest power of all, listening to my heart, that if I could overcome my wounded past, my destructive baggage and my limiting blocks to thrive with fulfillment & success in every area of my life, which gets better everyday, ANYONE can.

In fact, my MAIN focus and quest in life is to help you and as many people as possible know the power of your heart so you can experience the inspiration of clearing your limitations, harnessing your greatest strengths and manifesting the life of your dreams with less draining struggle and in less time that it took me. This is what I put into all of my work and it's because I know everyone can have an amazing, fulfilled & successful life on every level if you choose to.

When someone is ready to find their main life focus and/or commit to the authentic personal transformation that is required for them to have the life they choose we'll journey through the empowering path of asking the right questions, building on the power of focused creative meditation and following through with intentional action. 

Ultimately, I help people integrate their transformation and their dreams into a grounded, practical and sustainable daily life reality for both immediate impact and long lasting results over their lifetime.

yOur intentional focus is your greatest power

I consider myself a "Focus Coach/Transformational Life Coach" and founded the Focused U courses and groups as a movement of education, connection & support for struggle-free living that has evolved from my own 20 years plus of deep self exploration and extensive research of personal development with world class institutions & human potential leaders around the world.

I've traveled internationally and as far as remote mountain monasteries of Tibet to learn in person with great teachers and leaders around the world such as the Creator of Mindfulness Meditation, John Kabit-Zinn, Deepak Chopra, Mooji, Yogi Bhajan and His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

I've had the joy to introduce meditation to special needs inner city children, public elementary school students & faculty and I've guided corporate meditation & wellness programs with The American Heart Association, Canyon Ranch and Merrill Lynch. I was featured in a prime time PBS special about a group pilgrimage I led to the largest human gathering on Earth, India's Khumba Mela, and I was a returning guest speaker for FOX TV’s Health Watch.

I live in the amazing Pacific Northwest with my incredible wife and our two awesome young boys.

I want you to fly and I want you to fly high and fast! It will be work on your part, yes. But it will also be the greatest work you'll ever do because you and what you have to give to the world are so worth it!

All Best In All Ways,



Words from clients & organizations

Amy Zakarin, Zakarin Martinez Public Relations


“Working with Sadhu helped me find a focus that led me to greater depth, understanding and appreciation of my life and purpose. It often takes a gentle, but powerful guide to get us where we need to be. He is that guide.”

Dr. Karen Koffler, MD, Integrative Medical Director of Canyon Ranch, Miami


“If more people did what Sadhu inspires, the world would be a much healthier place. I recognize him as a standout leader among Wellness Providers.”

Graciela Perez, Former Executive Wealth Manager, Merrill Lynch


“Stress management coaching with Sadhu has been one of our most successful programs so far. Helping our colleagues relieve stress and live a better life with Sadhu's guidance is an achievement that has exceeded expectations. ”

PBS, Sacred Journeys Primetime SeriesPromote current deals


In 2013 PBS International & Bruce Feiler presented an incredible primetime 6-Part Prime Time Special covering the most pursued spiritual pilgrmages known to humanity, Sacred Journeys. PBS followed Sadhu to India to experience & film the largest intentional human gathering on Earth, an extraordinary world phenomenon, India's legendary Kumbha Mela.

John Parsiani, Vice President of Business Developement, E-Team at Cervera Real Estate


“I can unequivocally say that my life is brighter from having Sadhu as a confidant. He is holding a lantern, illuminating the path of self realization & discovery for all who wish to walk it.”

Executive Event Director, American Heart Association


“Sadhu's guided meditation session played an important role in the education & inspiration of the more than 100 women present. Thank you for providing our guests with an incredible experience of connection & focus at our Go Red for Women Event.”