Your Freedom Is In Your Focus

Sadhu Singh
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"Your freedom is in your focus. If you get clear in your heart about the life that matters to you most and focus your feelings, speech and actions into alignment with that everyday ...your fulfillment & success is inevitable." Sadhu Singh

You are amazing and your being alive is testament to the FACT that you have the unlimited power and potential to dream and create the exact life you choose. No matter how dark it may have gotten or how challenged you are or will be ...ease, power, clarity & inspiration is the REAL you ALL THE TIME.

My greatest joy and my job as a coach is to help you and as many people as possible be free from stress & struggle once and for all so you can finally have the life you've always wanted. Everything you really want is in you already ...find your focus and it's ALL yours. 

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What people are saying about Sadhu's guidance & support...

"I am extremely excited about the possibilities for me...'s his ability to listen and reflect back on a very high conscious awareness of what my needs are and how I can achieve my life's map, direction, goals and aspirations. 

I couldnt be happier with this partnership; a life coach who has passion, commitment and experience. What more could you ask for?"  

Andy R, Miami USA One on One Life Coaching Client

"Worldly, top-level coaching experience and integrity...

Sadhu is a gentle, powerful and calming force. He lives his mission humbly and profoundly. Simply talking to him is a healing process, as you can feel him really listening and speaking with intention. 

If you're wanting to talk to someone with worldly, top-level coaching experience and integrity with Sadhu!"  

Marlise L, Australia On Her Breakthrough Session

"Simple truths with sincerity and deep knowledge!

Every spiritual class I have taken is often so filled with pseudo-psychotherapy & philosophical concepts ...people are inspired but unable to apply any basic principles into their lives. 

Your offering is beautiful and immediately uplifting with the first few sentences in your guided meditation, thank you!

Sara S, Miami 21 Day Focus Challenger

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