Corporate Presentation & Programs

FREE Better Breathing Presentation

Better Breathing in the corporate workplace can reduce individual & company-wide on-the-job stress, uplift team morale and increase productivity. Medicine is just recognizing the importance of energy to health,” says Richard P. Brown, MD, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University. And our most critical source of energy is oxygen.
This one hour interactive presentation will consist of a 30 minute presentation on how breathing affects our health and relates to on-the-job stress, 15 minutes of guided breathing exercises and 15 minutes of Q&A.
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Meditation Presentation

To deal with mounting stress & rising health related compensation companies are now turning to on-site meditation to keep an eye on the bottom line while simultaneously improving productivity. Research shows that those who practice meditation are happier and calmer than their counterparts who don’t. Many high-stress businesses are catching on and making meditation a part of their corporate mission.
This one hour interactive presentation is a very practical explanation of what meditation is, the numerous benefits of meditation, especially as a stress reducer for corporate life and how to integrate meditation into one’s life at work and life in general. Includes guided meditation and Q&A.
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Healthy Living Program

Healthier leaders and staff make for healthier companies that enjoy a more uplifting & positive corporate culture. Corporate health & wellness programs greatly reduce individual & company-wide job related stress, uplift morale, enhance creativity and increase productivity both in the short term and long term.
This is a highly interactive, 6 week health & wellness program of weekly group sessions targeting stress management and better health for the workplace and life. Includes: 6 weekly 2 hour sessions, course binder/E-Book, informative handouts, CDs, suggested reading, film & video recommendations, online resource links, and individual & group homework for each weekly theme.
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